It’s a complex path to net zero.
Shifting market demands.
Emerging standards.
Fragile value chains.
Competitive pressures.
Ambitious targets.
Pending regulations.
Navigate climate with clarity.

Our Team

Drawing on experience with organizations like Samsara, Tableau, Chevron, Eclipse Ventures, and Oxford, we’re committed to giving industrial businesses a positive and profitable future.

Our Values

Focus On Impact

We’re building solutions for industrial operations because we know that complex value chains provide the largest potential for environmental impact.

Collaboration and Humility

Both internal to Gravity and across the many players involved in this economic transition, we believe winning will take a broad, apolitical joint effort.

A Culture of Pragmatism

We believe that in order to have an outsized impact on this problem, our product and decision-making need to be grounded in measurable, tangible value.


Get involved on the path to net zero. Join our fast-growing team.