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Develop a sustainability plan that considers your supply chain, operations, and investments.
Calculate the carbon footprint of your organization with speed and ease.
Identify areas to reduce emissions that are both cost-effective and climate-friendly.
Uplevel your brand by reporting on sustainability and climate data.
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Measure the greenhouse gas emissions of your operations, suppliers, and investments. Gravity reduces the time, money, and expertise needed to calculate your carbon footprint.

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Develop a carbon management plan that reduces inefficiency and drives business value. Gravity offers step-by-step guidance to improve the sustainability and resilience of your business.


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Uplevel your brand and stay competitive by reporting on climate data that stakeholders actually care about. Gravity makes it easy to disclose GHG emissions and report on sustainability metrics.

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Sustainability was always important to us, but hard to put into action. We can now track what we’re responsible for emitting, meet customer requirements, and come up with a realistic plan going forward.”
Sachin Shivaram, CEO,
Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry



tons of GHG are added to

the atmosphere every year

(Breakthrough Energy)


of US Fortune 500 companies

have climate goals (CERES)


in revenue could be generated

by climate-friendly goods and

services every year (McKinsey)