Our Platform

Gravity streamlines the way that businesses measure and manage carbon.


Build a plan that fits your needs.

Set the right targets for your company based on your priorities, industry, and organizational structure.


  • Personalized onboarding
  • Multi-site support
  • Portal to engage suppliers & partners


Calculate your footprint with speed and ease.

Leverage features like bill scanning and predictive emission factor matching to streamline emissions calculations.


  • Emission factor guidance
  • Automatic bill scanning
  • Native integrations & APIs

Piloted by Leading Operators and Investors

Gravity's platform quickly ingests, calculates, and distributes key emissions data about our businesses.”
Adam Blumenthal, Managing Partner and Chairman,
Blue Wolf Capital Partners


Maximize ROI while reducing

Identify and invest in projects that improve sustainability and decarbonize your operations for the long-term.



Streamline reporting and disclosure.

Uplevel your brand and stay competitive by reporting on climate data that stakeholders care about.


Your Operations

Pursue carbon reduction strategies that are efficient and cost-effective.

Your Brand

Make sustainability a competitive differentiator by including it in your reporting and sales pitch.

Your Business

Prepare for changing market pressures, impending regulations, and physical climate risks.


Calculate the carbon footprint of your investments. All measurements are transparent and audit-ready.


Prepare high quality sustainability updates for shareholders, investors, and third-party groups.

Commit to
and Meet
Climate Goals

Confidently set disclosure commitments, knowing that you can accurately measure your footprint.

Stand Out in Competitive Bids

Include carbon footprint measurements and sustainability commitments in bids that require climate disclosure.

Exceed Expectations

Help your customers measure their Scope 3 emissions by including project-specific carbon emissions in reporting.

Save Money by Decarbonizing

Compare the carbon intensity of offices and job sites to identify emissions hotspots and cost-saving opportunities.
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