Introducing a Supplier Engagement Solution that Makes Carbon Measurement a Win-Win

Audrey White


Tackling the hardest parts of Scope 3 measurement

One of the most common challenges for companies reporting their emissions is to capture and address their Scope 3 or supply chain emissions. While Scope 3 emissions can account for 80% or more of a company’s total carbon footprint, they are one of the hardest areas to measure and reduce. Collecting data from dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of providers can be painful and tedious. Meanwhile, already stretched suppliers feel burdened and see minimal upside for participating.

Unfortunately, many of the existing solutions for supplier engagement are compliance-based and offer little upside. Suppliers hate the experience and so do the requesting companies. However, what if the solution offered a carrot instead of a stick? 

Today, Gravity unveiled a powerful solution to revolutionize this process by making supplier engagement a win-win for both companies and their providers. 

Our new supplier engagement feature provides an intuitive portal for companies to directly request verified emissions figures from their suppliers and delivers a platform suppliers genuinely love because it enables them to report with ease. In addition to delivering value through the measurement experience itself, this feature also empowers both companies and their suppliers to lower their business risk and improve their bottom line by identifying and executing cost-effective decarbonization projects.

Here’s how it helps suppliers and requesting companies meet their goals:

Gather critical Scope 3 data in record time

This new feature is designed to enable supplier engagement at scale. Unlike other experiences, which rely on generic inputs, Gravity enables you to easily request and receive data from dozens or hundreds of suppliers in the format of your choice. So you can receive the data you need, in the format you want, at the granularity you chose.

On the other side: suppliers receive access to the Gravity platform, as well, so they can use tools like bill scanning and utility integrations to capture actionable, granular data without painstaking manual effort. By using these tools and the other Gravity features, suppliers can measure emissions without hiring a full sustainability team. 

Track reporting progress to be sure you hit your deadlines

Using the Gravity platform, you can track supplier reporting progress to ensure you meet your reporting deadlines. As data comes in, you or your suppliers can review and accept or reject the data to ensure accuracy. You can also access centralized emissions data to analyze trends by year, region, sector, type, and other criteria, gaining new insights into your supply chain emissions and identifying opportunities to reduce emissions and costs.

Turn emissions reporting into a competitive advantage for your suppliers

Have your suppliers ever told you that they love your reporting system? Gravity suppliers actually tell us they love the platform. This new feature takes the burden out of reporting for suppliers by streamlining data collection, making measurement a breeze. Once the data is collected, they can report to anyone – you, other customers or retailers, and regulators – all with the click of a button. Being able to share at scale not only keeps suppliers ahead of changing regulatory environments, it helps them close deals with other customers who require carbon reports, as well.

Identify and execute ROI positive decarbonization projects across your supply chain

With Gravity, you can go beyond reporting and use powerful automation in the Gravity platform to find cost and emissions savings in your footprint. Unlike other providers, we also make it possible to plan those projects, partner with trusted providers and financing partners, and implement those upgrades, changes, and new technologies  – all from your dashboard.  More than that? You can offer the same opportunities to your supply chain, helping to reduce those hard to reach Scope 3 emissions and deliver powerful cost savings to your partners.

Receive world-class guidance and support

Whether it’s your first time reporting your Scope 3 emissions or you’re looking to enhance your measurement sophistication, our expert climate team is on hand to help you measure, report, set goals, and execute decarbonization projects. We also offer the same guided experiences and world-class customer support to suppliers to ensure they receive the guidance they need, even if they’ve never reported on their emissions before. 

Ready to measure your Scope 3 emissions in half the time?

We’ve heard repeatedly from requesting companies and suppliers alike that they love this feature and it makes it easy for everyone to meet their reporting requirements, reduce their emissions, and improve their bottom line.

It’s a particularly timely moment to reflect on your measurement processes as new reporting standards, including the CSRD, ISSB, California SB253 and SB261, and plenty of leading retailers, require Scope 3 reporting. If you’re planning on measuring your Scope 3 emissions for the first time or are looking for a way to cut the amount of time you spent wrangling supplier data last year, please reach out. Our team would love to show you how this latest feature can benefit both you and your suppliers. 

Start streamlining your supplier emissions measurement

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